Clearly we cannot hold face to face meetings at present due to the social distancing measures introduced as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak.  However, we are still open and able to help you resolve matters by using technology.  MIAMs and mediations can be conducted by Zoom and, if you do not have the facility for this, we can exceptionally conduct discussions over the telephone.  Please call Lesley on 07376 543412 to discuss the practicalities of mediating in these difficult times.

Access to children

father and son

If you are being denied contact with your child by your ex or you are having difficulties making and sticking to arrangements for your children, mediation is a great way of being able to sit down together and make a plan that works for both of you and your child or children. 

Asking the Court to make an order for these arrangements will not solve the underlying problems which tend to lead to disputes over children happening in the first place and the order you get may not be what either of you would like.

We will talk to you both about what works for you, what doesn’t, how the children are coping with the separation and take into account everyone’s needs, whilst putting the children’s needs first, to come up with a plan.
Finally, please note the concepts of Custody and Access no longer exist. The Court is only concerned with Child Arrangements.