Clearly we cannot hold face to face meetings at present due to the social distancing measures introduced as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak.  However, we are still open and able to help you resolve matters by using technology.  MIAMs and mediations can be conducted by Zoom and, if you do not have the facility for this, we can exceptionally conduct discussions over the telephone.  Please call Lesley on 07376 543412 to discuss the practicalities of mediating in these difficult times.


If you are separating from your spouse and have inherited property, you may feel this is yours to keep; this may be the case but may not.  Inherited property or capital is not treated the same as other assets but, if the only way everyone can be satisfactorily rehoused, is to include that inheritance then a Court would do so and this would need to be born in mind. 

If you are in dispute with other family members over an inheritance or the operation of a Power of Attorney, we can also help you to resolve this without increasing the antagonism at an already distressing time and at minimal cost to the estate.