Clearly we cannot hold face to face meetings at present due to the social distancing measures introduced as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak.  However, we are still open and able to help you resolve matters by using technology.  MIAMs and mediations can be conducted by Zoom and, if you do not have the facility for this, we can exceptionally conduct discussions over the telephone.  Please call Lesley on 07376 543412 to discuss the practicalities of mediating in these difficult times.

Do we have to sit in the same room?

Part of the benefit of mediation is to enable you and your ex partner to have a face to face discussion in a controlled setting to work out what you are going to do together.  Whilst we can conduct the mediation with the parties sitting in separate rooms (“shuttle mediation”) this is nowhere near as effective or successful as face to face meetings.  It also increases the time and cost involved considerably.  

However, where there has been domestic abuse and one person is actually afraid to sit in the same room as the other or there is actually an injunction to prevent direct contact between you, then this can be arranged.  This is something we would discuss at the MIAM.

Whilst  all mediations are being conducted via Zoom, it remains possible in most cases for both parties to be on the same Zoom call; however, we can discuss at the MIAM whether parties can be placed in "breakout rooms" so that they do not have to see each other on the screen.  This may also be helpful if the discussion continually descends into unconstructive arguing.