Clearly we cannot hold face to face meetings at present due to the social distancing measures introduced as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak.  However, we are still open and able to help you resolve matters by using technology.  MIAMs and mediations can be conducted by Zoom and, if you do not have the facility for this, we can exceptionally conduct discussions over the telephone.  Please call Lesley on 07376 543412 to discuss the practicalities of mediating in these difficult times.


One of the biggest issues to be decided when you separate is usually what to do with the family home.  If it is rented you will need to decide who is to remain living there and how the other person is to be rehoused. 
If the property is owned, you will need to consider whether one of you is going to stay there and buy out the other person or whether the property is going to be sold and you will both move.  
We can help you work through the figures to find the most appropriate way to ensure your children have suitable accommodation in which to spend time with both of you.